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ShareYourself (SYS) is a social community and project management tool, which incubates and manages socially impactful projects, by collaborating with other do-gooders.

We have created a tool that transforms the project planning process from a traditionally closed and isolated system, to an open and transparent process. Unlike other project management platforms where the project management process is only open to the team members, we designed our project management process to be open and transparent to everybody.

In the SYS ecosystem, a like-minded community of Creators and Helpers can get involved as part of a Tribe, or help others get over hurdles by offering their knowledge or expertise.

Another aspect of our mission that separates us from other project management platforms is our do-good mission. All projects on ShareYourself must improve the community or the world somehow.

In short, ShareYourself is a project management and social engagement platform that aims to incubate mission-driven projects..

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Featured Projects

project image
Recycling Rubber by Creating Yoga Mats

Kiss The Sky is a Vermont based company that recycles rubber into yoga mats!

project image
Barre Planet Path

Proposed project to create a Barre Planet Path, scale model of the orbital distances of the planets in our Solar System on the Barre Bike Path.

project image
Logo Design

For Donation Tuesday I created a logo for a wildlife rescue organization.