What is the difference between climate change and global warming? And is it too late to prevent climate change? 

Question asked on 10/10/20 @ 3:50pm

Climate Change is as a result of global warming. As we continue to emit more Green house gases that traps heat, our planet in turn starts to warm up (global warming) this warming will result to change in climate conditions (Climate change).   - Kelo - Kelo Uchendu October 11, 2020 4
#ClimateActions for all.  - Kefas Godwin October 11, 2020 4
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Global Warming simply refers to the increase in temperature of the earth's surface including the atmosphere. Thus then leads to a change in the earth's climate (weather) thus explaining Climate Change.
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Yes! The two concepts correlate, one leads to the other. Great response
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It's not too late, there is still time and room for limiting climate change. So there are a lot of benefits that we can reap almost immediately, and that’s without even considering the biggest benefit—leaving a planet in decent condition for future generations.
I think that the most important message is that we need to start really, really soon, putting the world on a trajectory of stabilizing and reducing emissions. The temperature change has a direct relationship with the cumulative amount of emissions that are in the atmosphere, so the more we keep emitting at the pace that we are emitting today, the more steeply we will have to go on a downward trajectory and the more expensive it will be. #ClimateActionNow.
Response posted on 10/11/20 @ 4:50am
Many people think of global warming and climate change as synonyms, but scientists like to use “climate change” when describing the complex shifts now affecting our planet’s weather and climate systems. Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts.
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Wow, great insights from all of the responses..... this is indeed has been very educative for me, thanks for sharing.
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