New members for our project - is this the right place?

Hello everyone! 
I am new on this platform, and I am curious whether this is the right place to find voulenteers for projects such as ours. Let me introduce myself first, me and my husband we are very passionate about solar energy and all sorts of renewable energy. We've launched the Solar Future Project and campaign dollar4solar - the idea is inspired by team trees, and basically everyone can become a contributor towards better, renewable future. 
We'd use the gathered capital in order to fund the building of solar farms, and because those create revenue, this would be further invested into more solar powerplants. Plus, solar farm saves more CO2 than trees on the same surface (or so we discovered now in the first phase of our project, I am doing the paperwork,  while my husband is doing the calculations, and together we are looking for lands and arranging everything necessary in order to build the farms, but anyhow, this is not where we need the help from). 
So, herein lies the problem, how can we increase awarness of our project? We decided to look for someone like us, who is passionate about renewable energy, and is willing to help us make posts and do the marketing part, because we are kind of lost in here, plus, we are lacking time (jobs, family, paperwork... and now this, which we know very little about). 
Thus we decided to look for voulenteers, who would join our team. We are seeking someone who would be a good fit, maybe not just one person, but more, we truly want to expand our team, because we feel we have something great here, and we are already in the process of obtaining a large piece of land for the first solar farm. 
Please let me know if this is the right place to find the right people! We can have a zoom meeting or skype, if you have any questions let me know!
Thank you,

Question asked on 10/30/20 @ 10:06am

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Hi Katarina.

You are welcome to shareYourself.

Absolutely, this is the right place to find volunteers as this is a community of do-gooders passionate about social impacts across the world.
I'll advise you to create a project here on ShareYourself and make a call for volunteers by your posts. Alternatively, you can also go to the "Opportunities" section and create a call for volunteers.
Lastly, you didn't specify if this is going to be location-based or not. I wish you and your husband a very successful project. Let's ensure we keep the world temperature below 1.5 degrees.
Response posted on 10/30/20 @ 11:36am
Hello, Kingsley, 
Thank you for swift reply and instructions. 
The project will be, for the first few years, location-based (we are starting in Slovenia and expanding from there across the EU), but we hope to grow big enough to have renewable energy farms poping out all over the world, creating jobs and reinvesting the mayority income right back into the renewables. 
It appears I will create a project here where I explain everything necessary in detail.
Response posted on 10/30/20 @ 12:07pm
Hi Katarina,

Exactly. Please create a project here and capture every detail. There are other benefits to this as well, aside having interested persons volunteer, you might attract a donor who would like to fund the project, or even a solar energy expert who might want to support your work. 
If you have any issues creating a project, please message me or any other ShareYourself staff. 
Again, welcome to ShareYourself. 

Kingsley Adindu 
Response posted on 10/30/20 @ 12:49pm
Hi Katarina,
Awesome project you have ongoing

Shareyourself is the right and great platform to leverage on ,however, are you looking to expand your project outside your current locations?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Michael Abdullahi.
Response posted on 11/07/20 @ 9:02am
Hi Katarina,  
You and your husband are doing a commendable project.  Keep it up! 
Response posted on 11/23/20 @ 1:23pm
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