How best can we protect forest and green areas from deforestation in local communities and urban areas?

Question asked on 12/07/20 @ 1:29pm

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Laws should be made and implemented. The laws should specify the perimeters of the forest reserves and state clearly sanctions for defaulters. Education of citizens should be a priority because people  eed to understand the consequences of their actions on their immediate environment. The more aware people are the more they are likely to protect the forest. 
Response posted on 12/15/20 @ 1:45pm
Figure out a way to have people be involved even if it is small duty. There is an "out of sight, out of mind" obstacle with protecting natural areas; by getting people involved and outside, it becomes much easier for them to want to protect and conserve those areas.
Response posted on 12/28/20 @ 1:04pm
Ahmed Abubakar creating awareness  among community dwellers is one big way to protect forest and green areas from deforestation in local communities.
Response posted on 01/11/21 @ 5:32am
Forest conservation is key to preservation of wildlife and their habitat. If forest is protected it will help reduce the migration of wildlife to human habitation. 
Response posted on 03/04/21 @ 5:28am
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