Pictures of our impact

I would like to know where I can post pictorial updates of work we do on our project? I can not seem to find where I can post pictures or videos. Can someone guide me?

Question asked on 12/31/20 @ 4:22pm

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Click on your project icon, select "project home", scroll down and you'll see the space bar where you can post your project updates and attach pictures. 
Response posted on 01/01/21 @ 9:35am
Thank you very much!!!
Response posted on 01/01/21 @ 2:34pm
You're welcome Samirah.
Response posted on 01/01/21 @ 3:00pm
Great feedback Mr Kingsley, Thanks.
Response posted on 01/06/21 @ 9:07pm
Thank yoy for the response as I have done the needful now!!
Response posted on 06/17/21 @ 9:14pm
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