Which will be the reliable and cheap among technology and human actions to help the world avoid climate disaster naturally?

Question asked on 04/18/21 @ 10:44am

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For technology, this will include solar panels and wind turbines(most effectively for industries) on the 'cheaper side'. Another way for humans to contribute will be the use of electric cars, but these cannot really be considered affordable at least for now, although this may change in some years.
Response posted on 05/06/21 @ 8:25am
Thank you Bitebo, this is crisp and concise to help
#SaveOurPlanetEarth. 👍. 
Response posted on 05/07/21 @ 1:28am
I am of the opinion that biogas holds a lot of promise in this regard. Enormous volume of organic materials ranging from plant residues to animal manure are generated globally from human activities. This is usually used for compost or dumped into landfills where they decompose generating carbondioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases with detrimental effect to the climate. Biogas technology uses microbes to generate methane from organic material and the slurry from the process is.a very rich biofertilizer. The methane so generated can be used for household energy needs like cooking and heating like the gas generated from industrial hydrocarbon refining companies. Biogas technology is cheap and easy to operate with little or no maintenance. Generators that run on biogas are also available and in use in countries like Germany. Efforts could be made to make hybrid cars that could be electric powered and biogas powered.
Response posted on 06/06/21 @ 12:19pm, edited on 06/06/21 @ 12:23pm
The Solution to our Energy problem is the total transfer of all energy consumption to renewable Energies Namely Solar, wind, Ocean Technology, Biogas and Biomass. One or more of this energy sources must as a matter of Natural Endowment and human activities must be available in a given area, all we need do is to develop cheap technologies that utilizes those resources, teach it to the vast majority of the population, encourage and support them.
Response posted on 06/17/21 @ 7:20am, edited on 06/17/21 @ 7:21am
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