Accountability of team members

How does SYS ensure accountability among team members who sign up for projects, but do not deliver?

Question asked on 05/11/21 @ 6:30pm

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It's really challenging if I may say. However, in as much as shareyourself may continue to rely on the belief that all the work they are putting in to ensure a network of real people with genuine aspiration to make the world a better place will rob-off on each and everyone, thus, creating a behavioral adaptation towards being trustworthy, it is equally important to identify deviants and outline sanctions for such deviants. This sanctions could be in form of blacklists and other sanctions which shareyourself may deem suitable and adequate for the offense committed. Answers to this question is important because if there are no consequences for deliberate failings in responsibility, abuse may rise to unsustainable levels.
Response posted on 06/06/21 @ 12:05pm
You definitely are on the right track. I would like to have a response from someone on the ShareYourself team though. Thank you so much Ebube!
Response posted on 06/11/21 @ 10:25am
Ok. You are welcome, Bitebo.
Response posted on 06/11/21 @ 4:26pm
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