Unresponsive Team Members

How does one manage unresponsive team members who voluntarily joined a  project?

Question asked on 06/11/21 @ 11:13am

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Pester them, remind them they signed up to help. Many people these days are overwhelmed with texts, emails, social media, and they likely have forgotten they even saw your pestering. 

They won’t be offended that you’re pestering them, likely they’ll thank you for reminding them of their commitment.

Please post back here with results from your Pester Campaign. So we can learn what you learn. 
Response posted on 06/11/21 @ 11:35am
Thank you so much Stu. I just feel that because they are volunteers if I pester them, they will get offended and drop out of the team. I will try subtle persuasion and see if it works. I will keep you posted. 
Response posted on 06/14/21 @ 11:07am
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