Pitch vs. Presentation?

What's a pitch and how is it different from a presentation?

Question asked on 12/10/18 @ 2:58pm, edited on 01/05/19 @ 3:42pm

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A pitch is why you’ve mastered the art of presenting.

After you know what your idea is for, and have honed in on the core points, you may be ready to approach power players. A pitch is when you bring your idea to a person or institution that has the power to do something about it. It’s a level of presentation that gets to the most important parts of the idea’s goals, and explains enough about who you are, and your motives, to convince others to jump onboard.

You may need to make a pitch to a buyer, or a lender, or a future partner. But it’s helpful to think of much of your outreach for non-monetary support as a pitch too. Your strongest allies can be the very first users, testers, and contributing staff.

A good, effect pitch is succinct while entailing all of the information. There is the term "elevator pitch" which got its term based on the belief that a pitch should be somewhere between 20-30 seconds.

Response posted on 12/10/18 @ 4:18pm
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