What is a milestone?

What are they and when do I use them?

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A milestone is a smaller goal that you hit in the process of completing your project or your biggest goal. Every project should have a series of milestones that help you know that you’re progressing. A milestone is not a task, but is met by completing a series of tasks. Recognizing a milestone is not only a great way to make sure you’re on track, but also to keep you and your team excited through the long haul.

“Milestones are the small steps that lead to the ultimate goal whether it be developing of new product or service or advancing the exploration of space to the far reaches of the universe.” - Ginny Edwards, Project Milestone Planning  

Milestones in project management are used to mark:

1. The start of significant phases of work
2. The end of significant phases of work
3. To mark the deadline for something
4. To show when an important decision is being made.

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