Should I share my project idea with friends and family?

What are the benefits of sharing my idea with friends and family, practicing my pitch on them and how do I do it?

Question asked on 12/10/18 @ 4:25pm, edited on 01/05/19 @ 3:42pm

great question! I think it's (mostly) a good idea to share your idea with friends and family who you think will have have valuable insights for your project - Lam Phan December 12, 2018 1
I agree Lam - Lauren McKenna December 27, 2018 1
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Many people choose to start presenting their ideas to close friends, mentors, tight-lipped coworkers, or trusted former schoolmates before they take it to a larger audience.

Why do we do this?

  • Because oftentimes our friends and family spare our egos, and give us the positive reinforcement we need to keep on track. Just as importantly, our most trusted friends and advisors can give us the critiques or ask those tough first questions that make us think – and rethink – our approach. They may dispel or challenge presumptions you make.

  • Thinking more makes the business idea better. You can smooth out wrinkles after just a few low-stakes presentations to people that are pretty easy to pull together.

How to go about it:

  • Invite a friend or a couple of friends to a space where you can display or demonstrate the problems you need to set up, so you can juxtapose them with your proposed solution. Unexpected escapes are a great way to tackle it and get attention – meet a couple friends for lunch at a location you’re considering using for a mobile greenmarket, for example.

  • Let the listeners know why you have chosen to talk to them – and make sure that getting their feedback is one of those reasons. If you don’t really want it yet, don’t start presenting.

  • Opting out of visuals and slideshows is possible early on, especially if you meet people at lunch or at a site that demonstrates your project. Just don’t sell yourself – ie. your business – short. This is a great time to start practicing those methods you will need in a formal space, and getting comfortable with the technology, your voice, your body and your presentation style.

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