How can I edit the status of my project to non-profit? I don't think I did that initially.

I don't think I was clear on how my project could properly qualify as a non-profit business, but, after reading up on it/understanding that I can use a portion of the money made to pay expenses/buy materials, etc, I definitely want to make it non-profit. 

Question asked on 05/10/19 @ 10:03am, edited on 01/05/19 @ 3:42pm

Actually, I'm thinking about a hybrid profit/non-profit business model, as that seems to perfectly fit my project. - Pat Sheehan May 10, 2019
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Hi Pat, if you go to your project "about" page, you'll see the settings button in the top right. Click that, and you will see a blue button that reads "Edit Project Content" in the top right. There you can edit how you categorize your project. I believe it's on the second page.

Response posted on 05/10/19 @ 11:14am
Thanks, Lauren! Much appreciated. 
Response posted on 05/12/19 @ 11:15am
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