Inquiry on Project Status after Approval

I got a mail stating my project status as approved.
Please I'd like to know the next line of action after i have added my project team members. Although I already have my team offline.
Here's their emails:
Waiting for reply.
Thank you.

Question asked on 05/22/20 @ 3:15am

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Hi Emmanuel to invite a team member, you can scroll to the bottom of our website and click on the “invite a team member” button. You can use all of those emails to invite them. 

Once they have came to ShareYourself they just need to follow your project, then from your project page under “team” you can add them to your team. 
Response posted on 05/22/20 @ 9:59am
Awesome, congratulations Emmanuel for the approval of your project and thanks for the comprehensive feedback by Mitchell.
Response posted on 08/11/20 @ 7:03pm
Invite Team members to your Project onto ShareYourself. 
Projects with a strong team of dedicated core members that can help the project creator are more likely to succeed. Do you have people in your life that are helping you with this project? If so, now is the time to reach out. Invite them to join your efforts on ShareYourself by visiting the Team tab on your project page, clicking “Invite a Team Member,” and inputting their email.
Response posted on 08/13/20 @ 5:06pm
Nice response Mr Michael and Mitchell
Response posted on 08/21/20 @ 7:06pm
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