Barre Planet Path


Proposed project to create a Barre Planet Path, scale model of the orbital distances of the planets in our Solar System on the Barre Bike Path.


Barre, VT

The Where
I have had an interest in Astronomy for all my life and researching ways to communicate to others about our Universe I came across the scale model developed by Dr. David Hathaway of NASA. This project is based on the Dr. Hathaway scale model of one foot equaling one million miles, thus Earth's orbit would be 93 feet away from the Sun and Pluto is about three quarters of a mile away on the Barre Bike Path.

The Why
This installation will serve for generations to come as a spark for educational interest in astronomy, space exploration and the associated science, technology, engineering, arts and math, fields of learning.
Possibly children that experience this Barre Planet Path will be motivated to gain the education to become future scientists, explorers and astronauts that create better conditions on Earth and reach out to the other planets of our Solar System.

The What
Presently, there are painted markers on the path at the appropriate scaled distances of the orbits of the planets away from the sun.
With funding of this project, twelve descriptive granite post markers with ceramic signs would be installed to add to the educational value of the project. Each of the twelve descriptive markers will have in addition to the static information, a QR code and web address for linking to a website where updated NASA educational videos may be viewed. There are presently over 150 videos that have already been uploaded to the websites.