Recycling Rubber by Creating Yoga Mats


Kiss The Sky is a Vermont based company that recycles rubber into yoga mats!


Stowe, VT

The Where
We bought Kiss The Sky from a sustainability expert that worked for the EPA. She saw a need for a sustainable yoga mat and hired an engineer. My wife and I were looking for a business that was environmentally friendly and could actually make a positive change. Check us out at or on Amazon - Kiss The Sky yoga mat.

The Why
There's a real need for recycling rubber. Literally millions of tons of rubber is waiting to be recycled. It is our job to take this and make it into a profitable business so we can make recycled yoga mats the standard. Right now most yoga mats are made in China out of PVC. We can take rubber, recycle it, make great yoga mats, create jobs, and give back to society.

The What
We are trying to get our costs down. Right now our mats are selling but very slowly. People love them and we are selling in a few studios in Vermont as well as online and on Amazon. If we can buy our inventory in bulk we can then sell our mats for around $50 making them an affordable option while still being better than mats selling for twice that amount.