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Attic Room Completion - Flooring Attic Space #11

Use lake hous pergo-- will need to $ underlayment, will need to remove attic staircase and re-frame/cover osbĀ 

Created by Jes Scribner on 2019@02@08 13:49:35

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Priority: High
Due date: Mar 18, 2019 (Closed today)
Assigned to: Jes Scribner
Category: Building
Participants: Jes Scribner
2019@04@19 7:34:38 Jes S. closed task
2019@02@08 14:15:05 Jes S. set milestone to Attic Room Completion
2019@02@08 13:51:33 Jes S. updated description
2019@02@08 13:49:35 Jes S. created task