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Team Building / Lease Agreements #27
Stu, can you share with me some examples of your lease agreements or a boiler plate I can use when these guys move in in April? 
Created by Jes Scribner on 2019@02@15 8:23:15

Sure thing, they’re on my computer at home, I’ll get one to you on Monday. - Stu McGowan February 16, 2019 1
Did you get the lease I emailed you? - Stu McGowan February 20, 2019
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Priority: Medium
Due date: Mar 23, 2019 (Closed today)
Assigned to: Stu McGowan
Category: Team Building
Jes on April 2, 2019

Got 'em -- perfect. Not positive the automatic month to month thing is right for us but I've got more room for discussion with my tenants than you mighta 

Stu on April 2, 2019

Rock on.

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