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Bravery Support Intiative

The organization is focused to help orphans and widows who were house wives to provide mental and physical health through our counseling services of talking about our individual experiences of how we hare dealing with our loses, bring in counselors to help, creating a circle of helping out families

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Desalination of Ponds in Deulbari Sunderbans

Desalination of ponds post Cyclone Yaas which can be used both for livelihood and daily chores

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Enugu Climate Awareness Drive

This project seeks to raise awareness on climate issues in Enugu by engaging in climate and sustainability campaigns targeted at the general public so that they can take more climate action as individuals.

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Small Zoos Turnkey Sustainability Practices Design and Delivery Project

Sustainability practices at zoos reduce waste and utility bills, so more zoo resources can go to the primary missions of conservation and education, while teaching thousands of visitors about practical sustainability actions. This project is developing a turnkey system for delivering these services.

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Ayrtona-Senna Lewis

Environmentalist working and interested in development

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Andrea Belanger



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