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June 2019 - Have head shots / team photo taken at next retreat #95

I think originally this was one of @Christopher L. 's ideas, to have head shots taken of the team for the website. Maybe a team photo as well? Who could do it? Qui?

@Stu M.
@Lam P.
@Mitchell O.
@Alex F.
@Christopher L. 
Created by Lauren McKenna on 2019@06@04 12:28:35

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Priority: Medium
Due date: Jun 26, 2019 (Closed today)
Assigned to: Unassigned
Category: Beta3
Participants: Lauren McKenna Lam Phan Christopher Lewis ...
Stu on June 4, 2019
I’m guessing Qui is over the top cray right now. I think a team photo is all we need, one of us can do it. I like the head shots we’ve all chosen, dated or not. ;)

Mitchell on June 4, 2019
The last startup I was at they got something printed that had their company colors on it and they took headshots in front of them. It was a great way for them to build brand identity and be recognizable on their sight by non team members. 
Christopher on June 4, 2019
I've also always been a sucker for the cartoon/video-game style headshots. I think there's actually designers out there that'll do that on Fiverr.
Alex on June 4, 2019
Headshots would be great. I also think its important to take a group shot as well, maybe one candid, and one staged
Lam on June 4, 2019
agreed. at the very least. we all should have matching background to convey professionalism
Alex on June 20, 2019
Is there a dress suggestion? Like casual or more professional
Stu on June 20, 2019
Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be...

Be Yourself

Name those songs!

Seriously, come as you normally do. 
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